Sing, Pray, Bake: Cakes for the Queen of Heaven

Learning both sweet and joyous! Explore the Queen of Heaven named in Torah, the practices to honor Her, and why She is so needed in our world now. Sing, laugh, pray, bake, eat! Cakes made only with ingredients available in the ancient world. Recipes based on ancient texts. (Gluten-free and gluten-full options) Children able to be around knives and hot ovens welcome. Please register here.


Banot haAretz Training Programs

Eshet Chasechah: This first year class meets monthly on the new moon and leads to initiation as Eshet Chasechah, Woman of the Dark Moon.

Banot haAretz: This second year class meets quarterly for weekend retreats, with four personal consults in between meetings, and leads to initiation as Banot haAretz, a community leader.

Kohenet: This advanced training takes 2 years, and leads to receiving smicha as Kohenet.

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